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Insane and Extreme

1 bottle of Insane and 1 Bottle of Extreme (both are a one-month supply)
Alternating between capsules may not do it for you so you will need a boost. The combination of ingredients in these two products works synergistically (with Insane, Insane Amp'd, Bella Amp'd Up, BTrim Max, Bella Vi Azure, Bella Vi Afire , Extreme, Bella Vi Intense) to help break a weight plateau and loseweight. Example: Just add 1 capsule of either BTrim OR Extreme to the supplement you are taking for the month, example… if you are currently taking 2 capsules of Insane Amp’d, Bella Amp'd Up, Bella Vi Afire, each day, add 1 capsule of BTrim OR Extreme, taking 3 capsules a day, do this for one month only.

Insane and Extreme.

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