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Drop Ship Program | All Natural Detox Solutions | Weight Loss Drop Ship Program
Drop Ship Program | All Natural Detox Solutions | Weight Loss Drop Ship Program

Drop shipping is defined as selling a product that you don’t actually have in your possession but have an arrangement with a Company that does.

The main benefit for this program; it removes the necessity of stocking any inventory; therefore, your money isn’t tied up, which gives you a better cash flow.  This is especially beneficial for someone just starting out.  It avoids having to layout a large amount of capital up front to purchase inventory.

Here is How Our Program Works

You get paid from your customers, whether it’s through your own website or in person.  You would then log into our secure Drop Ship Portal and submit the order to us, along with payment.  We will pack and ship the product directly to your customer.  Your Company details will be on package, making the whole process transparent to your Customer.  The difference between the wholesale price that you pay us, and the retail price your customer pays you, is your PROFIT.  You have your profit immediately; you don’t have to wait for payment from us.

Your monthly sales volume will determine your level to receive special reseller pricing.  Our drop ship program allows you to earn from 30%-50% profit. In order to review our special reseller pricing, please fill out all information on our reseller application and a representative will get back to you within 24 hours.

Choosing this program, you boost profits in several ways – your cutting costs, increasing sales and saving time!

You’ll receive continuous Support – from day one you’re not alone, we’re here to answer your questions, and guide you to the best of our knowledge with all aspects of your business.

Shipping is always included!  We pay for all personalized packaging/shipping materials and postage for all orders you submit.  The Shipment will NOT include our Company name or how much you paid for the product.  Your customer’s will stay your customers!

Retail customers will never see what you pay, wholesale/reseller pricing, for our products!