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Ways to Relax and Unwind


No matter what time of year, it always seems like we need a vacation to get away from it all.  Stress at work and at home leaves us depleted of energy, and our moods as grey as the winter skies. Clear your mind and ease your body of stress and sadness by taking a mental vacation.  Find a quiet place where you can free your mind and body of cares and concerns by trying these quick and easy strategies. They will help you relax and unwind in a unique form of staycation.

  • Yoga: It’s no secret that yoga is good for the mind and body. If you haven’t taken a class before, ask a friend for tips, or look up some poses on the computer. By focusing on stretching and balance, it frees your mind of thoughts that are clouding your head and relieves the tension in your body.
  • Meditation: Mindful meditation directs your attention to what’s happening right now, in the present moment. Take a mental time-out to listen to your body and the world around you. What is the pace of your breathing? Do you hear noises, like traffic or animals? With this form of meditation, you are just taking note of your surroundings without trying to change anything.
  • Journaling: Even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, or you don’t enjoy the act of writing at all, there are multiple forms of journaling that may suit your personality. It can be liberating to write down a list of all the things that are stressing you out or souring your mood, and then closing the book and putting it away for another night. Or try reflecting on the things for which you are grateful. Research has found that people who practice gratefulness are more energetic, content and optimistic.
  • Exercise: Being moderately active for 20 minutes a day boosts endorphins and reduces stress. It also increases your energy and promotes better sleep. And speaking of exercise….
  • Sex: It is the month to celebrate love! Sex not only increases your heart rate, it also allows you to physically reconnect with your partner, causing any relationship stressors to fade into the distance. And it’s a great way to enjoy Valentine’s Day.
  • Massage: A soothing massage can help your unwind by helping your body to relax. In fact, studies show that it’s an effective treatment for reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.


If you are still having trouble calming the mind and body, consider a supplement like Balance Mind and Body Mood Formula found at Bella Vi Products. This new formula combines specific ingredients to enhance your mood, reduce your stress and improve your sleep. The fast dissolving capsules allow the nutrients to rapidly enter the body, providing relief quickly and effectively.

Sometimes changing a few habits, or introducing new techniques, to help calm your mind and body are all you need.  If you still find yourself daydreaming of a tropical vacation to get away from it all, consider a supplement like Balance Mind and Body. We all deserve some type of balance, and balance in life means better days ahead.