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Take a Walk… It Does a Body Good! Walking for Daily Exercise Has Numerous Health Benefits!

For most of us, no matter what our fitness level, walking is very possible.  And the really great news is that walking can reap just as many overall health benefits as more intense workouts like jogging – with less impact, and less risk for injury!

8 Things A Daily Walk Can Do To Help Your Health:

  1. Lower LDL Cholesterol – that’s the “bad” kind you don’t want!
  2. Raise HDL Cholesterol – that’s the “good” kind you do want!
  3. Reduce your risk of developing Type II Diabetes, or help you manage it if you already have it.  A balanced diet and regular exercise like walking might free you from medication!
  4. Lower your blood pressure.
  5. Reduce your stress levels, and improve your brainpower and mood!
  6. Control your current weight, or lose excess weight – and increase your metabolism in either case.
  7. Increase your overall fitness, flexibility, strength, and stamina.
  8. Significantly reduce health risks like stroke, heart attack, even cancer.


Regular walking at a fairly brisk pace can reduce your risk for heart attacks just as much as regular jogging can.  And with walking?  No need for the “no pain, no gain” mantra.  You can benefit without the need for sore, tired, aching muscles after each workout.

All it takes is 30-60 minutes a day of brisk walking to reap so many health benefits. Use the time to listen to music or books, watch your favorite TV show if you are on a treadmill, enjoy nature, or just be alone with the quite of your own thoughts in a world too full of all kinds of noise.

If you are new to exercise, you should consult a doctor before beginning a regular routine of any type, even something as gentle as walking.  Here are some tips to remember when you use walking as a wonderful way to exercise every day!


Tips for Daily Walking

  • Start slow and increase pace and distance.  You can start out taking several shorter, less intense walks and build up to one longer, brisk walk each day.
  • Vary your pace, working to keep your heart rate in the target zone best for you.  You can manually check it using your pulse and a watch, or wear a heart rate monitor.  Remember that hills and variety in terrain will increase difficulty and increase your heart rate.
  • Wear great shoes!  No, not flashy going out dancing kind of great – great shoes for walking.  You can purchase shoes specifically designed for walking, or just shoes that offer excellent support, flexibility in the soles, and that fit well to keep your feet happy, healthy, blister-free, and walking briskly!
  • Dress the part.  Wear comfortable clothing that will breathe well and wick away moisture.  Make sure you are dressed for the environment, inside or out.
  • Warm up, cool down, and stretch.  Walking is exercise and as such you need to do a proper warm up and some stretching before you start.  When you are finished walking, do a cool down and more stretching.  The longer and more intense your walking workout, the more you need the cool down and stretching.


Now get going – those feet were made for walking, let them do their thing and walk you right into a healthier, happier, and more fit you!

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