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Losing Weight After Your Baby is Born - Ideas and Strategies

If the arrival of your new little bundle of joy has left you with an unwanted bundle of extra pounds, don’t despair. With the right mindset, and the right strategy, you will be back to your ideal weight sooner than you think!  Here is some helpful information and ideas and tips for losing weight after your baby is born.

Babies are such a joy… but also require lots of energy, time, and work! Not many moms can instantly revert to what life was like prior to baby coming along, and that includes pre-pregnancy weight and often exercise routines as well.  You aren’t getting as much sleep, you may be breastfeeding, you are recovering from birth and your hormones are in flux.

Think about what you just went through; 9 months of growing a life, your body changing, giving birth.

1.  Be Patient.  You didn’t gain all the weight at once, and you won’t lose it all at once, either.   Set some realistic goals – maybe losing a pound a week, and 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week – and focus on one day at a time.

2.  Baby Steps.  Your life is full of change, and it may be a while before a new routine is established that you can count on. So take small steps where you can to regain your health and lose extra pounds, and don’t spend energy lamenting what you can’t do right now.

3. Be Realistic.  A new baby is a lot of work. You need rest, you need exercise, you need healthy meals. Ask for help to make sure your own health doesn’t get pushed to the back of the line.

Here are some great ideas for helping you lose the extra baby weight (even if your “baby” is now a teenager… never to late to start!)

  • Plan regular meals. I know – I hear the hysterical laughter out there. The words “plan” and “regular” aren’t often associated with babies. But you can have salad ingredients washed, chopped and ready to go, microwave steam bags of veggies in your freezer, fresh fruit on hand, and some healthy dairy snacks like yogurt and string cheese to be sure you are always able to eat regular and healthy meals and snacks. That helps your energy levels and metabolism. Don’t forget the protein!
  • Be creative with exercise.  You may not be able to work out the same ways you used to (for a while anyway), but that doesn’t mean you can’t exercise!
    • As soon as you have clearance from your doctor, you can start taking long walks around your neighborhood with the baby.
    • Use the baby as part of your weight resistance! Pick him up and put him down to do waist bends, or arm exercise (keeping the baby safe and secure at all times of course!)
    • Go up and down your stairs more times than you have to just for the exercise, or make extra trips to and from the laundry room.
    • If your baby likes to be walked around for soothing, figure out a pattern in your home that makes a track, or walk around your driveway. Buy a pedometer to count your steps!
    • Use grocery shopping to do some speed walking through the store with the baby securely in a stroller, in a sling you are wearing, or in his baby seat secured to the cart.
    • Use the grocery bags to do some arm curls in and out of the car, and into the house.
    • The mall makes an ideal place to go walking with a baby; no time restraints, perfect for the stroller, a built-in track impervious to weather, and it gets you out of the house for some real life activity.
  • Watch your diet. Many of us indulge while pregnant, but now is the time to put that behind you (particularly since the extra pounds may be behind you as a reminder!) Cut out the high fat, high calorie treats and eat a rainbow of healthy colors each day. It will help you have more energy to care for the baby as a bonus to losing the extra pounds faster!
  • Find something you enjoy!  It is much easier to exercise regularly if you are doing things you enjoy, and the great news is there are a lot of “Mommy and Baby” classes out there for yoga, or stroller walking groups to give you socialization and support.


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Keep a positive outlook. You have a wonderful new baby, and you should celebrate the victories in life. Focus on the things you are doing right for your health, and the pounds you have lost already. Buy a new outfit that fits you as you are now, and one for the next level of weight loss that is closer to your goal.

No matter how many post-baby pounds you would like to lose, feel good about who you are right now!  Goals are a lot easier to reach when you have the right frame of mind.