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Exercise, Anyone? It’s NEVER Too Late To Start!

Ask any expert – exercise is great for you! It has so many health benefits, like controlling your weight, giving you increased energy, heart health, stamina, flexibility, higher metabolism, releasing endorphins to feel good mentally… the list could keep going.

If you are not currently a devotee of exercise, you might be feeling that you are too old, too overweight, too out of shape to start. Wrong!  It is never too late to start exercising. Even people with special health considerations can find ways to exercise!

(Please check with your doctor before beginning any new exercise routines.)


  • Start Slow.  A common error is to get fired up with exercise commitment and enthusiasm and over-do it in a big way the first time or two. This can lead to excessive soreness, actual injury, and feeling very overwhelmed with the belief you have to be an Olympian the very first week.  Gradually add exercise to your life. As you build up your fitness levels, you can increase the length of time, number of times a week, and intensity to be whatever works for you. Starting slow is a great way to ease into the idea.
  • Low Impact.  Choosing ways to exercise that are low impact can really help you when you are starting out. Walking, swimming, and cycling can all give you a great workout for many muscle groups without putting you in a lot of injury risk.
  • Simple. Don’t make it complicated. You don’t have to figure out sets and reps and machines, you can just find something you enjoy doing that keeps you active and moving more than before. As you get used to being more active, you can try new ways to exercise – or not! Stick with what you like and what works for you, because liking exercise is a huge factor in continuing to do it. And continuing to do it is the point!
  • Be Creative. Exercise doesn’t have to mean “going to the gym.”  If you love to shop, walk each level of the mall an extra 15 minutes before hitting the stores.  Exercise is all about moving more, particularly when you are starting out. Try out some sports like golf or tennis. Take your dog for longer walks – you’ll both enjoy it!

If your fitness or health won’t allow you to get out and about, look into chair exercising.  A fitness band (long, stretchy, latex band) can be a great exercise tool to work out various muscle groups, and is often used by physical therapists for regaining strength. It allows you to adjust the tension and resistance as your own fitness increases, and can be used sitting, standing, or even in bed lying down. It can help with strength, flexibility, and toning.

Faster than you think! Just adding 30 minutes of moderate exercise three times a week can make a dramatic difference in your health. If that is too much for you to contemplate, don’t focus on that right now. Start with 10 minutes a day and then gradually increase your time and frequency as you being to enjoy it and see improvements in your fitness.  Any exercise you get beyond what you are currently doing is a good thing!

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