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Best Workouts for Busy Women

Don’t have time to work out? Well actually, you DO! If you’re always on the go with so much to do, take advantage of your quick pace. There’s ways to work out faster, producing greater results than working out longer. Want to exercise in a short time and benefit more? Find out how!

Work Out Less and Get More

The key secret to getting in more work, without realizing it, is to do physical activities that you enjoy. In this way, you “trick” yourself into exercising, leaving you healthy, happy, and accomplished. Some ideas include: swimming, biking, dancing, hiking, ice skating, walking the dog, gardening, or playing catch/sports with your kids.

A Little Every Day Goes a Very Long Way

The tale of the tortoise and the hare is true! Making mindful “little” choices every day can greatly impact your health instead of doing an extreme workout all at once. No wonder why you dread the gym! If you hold off until you eventually make it to the gym, you have a lot more to catch up on and work off. A few minutes of short, high-intensity workouts throughout the day can make you more fit than doing one long workout.

The Gym Doesn’t Help You as Much as You Think

When you’re going on a set rhythm, your body produces less energy than when it’s doing multiple varying movements. Repetitive movements can put you in a rut, and can possibly set you back. Gyms are notorious for being distractions, due to their social environment and crowded atmosphere. Having to wait to use equipment or getting into conversation can cut into your workout time. Not to mention it’s costly!

The American Heart Association’s Choose to Move Program notes that working out is not defined by one set structure. A short, high-intensity activity can be the same as a longer, leisurely activity. Not only do you get the most out of a shorter workout, but you get greater muscle tone, higher metabolism, greater flexibility, and more time for yourself!

Did You Know? Same Result – Different Methods

Spending 15 minutes climbing stairs, jumping rope, or sprinting a mile will give you the SAME results as playing volleyball or touch football for 45 minutes, walking 1 3/4 mile in 35 minutes, or dancing fast for 30 minutes. And you'll get the SAME result from bicycling 4 miles in 15 minutes as from mowing the lawn for 45 minutes.

Switch Things Up

Not only should you be doing different types of exercises, but you should also do them at varying intensities. Keep moving back and forth between speed and resistance until you’ve completed a significant amount, at least 15 minutes. Go to high speed, normal speed, slowest speed, and back to normal speed.

Choose This, Not That

• Opt for the stairs instead of the escalator and elevator.

• Choose water over soda, alcohol, or juice. Water keeps you hydrated, refreshed, and has zero calories!

• Use the buddy system. Encourage each other while having more fun! Take up hobbies like volleyball, baseball, tennis, or swimming.

• Trade in the treadmill for cycling or spinning. Treadmill work lacks building muscle. When you mix cardiovascular endurance with building muscle, your body works harder.

Make time for the most important thing—you! Keep your workouts short and sweet. A short burst, high-intensity workout is a great way to get the most out of your time and hard work!