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ANDS Staff Healthy Recipes & Ideas

ANDS Staff created all the recipes. There may be other recipes very similar to ours, but we have all tasted each of these and we love these recipes! Try these for healthy dishes and snacks, all listed below. If you have any suggestions, please let us know and we can add to our list!

Diet Breakfast - Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day; skipping it or eating the wrong things can affect your concentration, slow down your metabolism and make you gain weight. We have provided some Breakfast recipe tips you will learn how to mix the best food items so you can have a great breakfast and a better day. Combining these recipes with our All Natural Dietary Products you can get the energy you need to kick-start your day.* Enjoy!

Breakfast Cereal cup with Fruit

1 cup whole-grain cereal
1 cup skim milk or Low fat Milk
1 cup blueberries or Strawberries or Bananas

Choose a cereal that's less than 200 calories and has three or more
grams of fiber per serving (examples: Multi-Grain Cheerios, Total
Whole Grain Flakes, Kashi GoLean Original, Wheaties, Kashi Mighty