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A Special Time for our Country Honoring the Anniversary of 9/11

It is a date that will live forever, in the minds of Americans, in the minds of the world, in the documents of history.  September 11, 2001.
It is important as an individual and as a citizen of this great country to honor the day, and the memories of the people who lost their lives, but dwelling in sadness and anger can have negative effects on your mental and physical health.
When anniversaries of “bad things” come up on the calendar, sometimes it is healing to remember the hurt but then move on to find something brighter and a positive way to honor the occasion.
Today, September 11th is nationally recognized as Patriot Day and day of remembrance, signed by the President and Congress.  While it is not a holiday with closings, it is a day to honor and remember.
Ways To Honor The Anniversary of 9/11
Write a poem.  It doesn’t have to rhyme, but if you are a creative soul, then put your feelings on paper.  You can get it out each year to read it, and remember.
v Visit New York City.  Standing in the spot can help you connect with your feelings and honor those who lost their lives.
v Display your flag with pride.  Presidential proclamation declares that flags fly at half-mast from sunrise to sunset on September 11.
v Observe a moment of silence.  Typically, the moment people choose is 8:46 am, Eastern Daylight Time, when the first plane struck the World Trade Center.
v Plant something. Plant a memorial tree or shrub, in your yard, a neighborhood community park, or consider donating a tree through an organization that helps our earth renew.
v Write a letter or send a package to a soldier.  They are our ultimate line of defense, protecting the rights and freedoms that enemies sought to tear down.  Honor the day by doing something to let our military members know you appreciate them.
v Take something or donate to your local fire or police department.  Our first responders helped save many lives at the cost of their own on 9/11 – contributing to funds set up in their honor and memory, or just visiting your own local departments to say thank you is a great way to honor the day.  You can call and ask if they have a favorite kind of cookie, and pick some up at a local bakery if home baked treats are not accepted.
        Volunteer your time.  Doing something for a good cause on 9/11 honors the sacrifices so many made that day to help others.
v Have an extra intense workout.  Channeling your feelings into physical activity can be a very cleansing experience.  Go an extra mile, do an extra set, work a little harder today.  Do it to honor the memory of the day, and to help you feel better mentally and physically during a time that can evoke a lot of stress.
Honoring and remembering 9/11 is important.  We will never forget.