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Water the key to Detox

  • How to Control Your Cravings for Sweets

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    Some of us have a sweet tooth year-round. Others come and go with the holidays, when we crave something nostalgic from our childhood, or we feel the need to indulge in the candy that’s only available during that special time of the year. The Easter Bunny recently stopped by many of our homes with a basket full of treats that is now sitting around, tempting us to indulge. To control your cravings for sweets, try these tips to help you make it through.

    • Eat regularly: Skipping meals or waiting too long in between meals may be a factor in our sweet cravings.  When we get to a point of uncontrollable hunger, we often reach for sugary, fatty foods to help fight our hunger. Eating every three to five hours can keep our blood sugar stable and help us avoid making poor food choices.
    • Choose fruit: One of the biggest mistakes we can make in our efforts to control sugar cravings is to surround ourselves with convenient, though unhealthy, snacks. From granola bars with high fructose corn syrup to anything inside a vending machine, the temptations may be all around you. Combat this accessibility to poor food choices by stocking your fridge with fresh fruit. If you like to keep a snack in your desk for when hunger strikes, consider dried fruit or a trail mix.
    • Get moving: Sometimes beating a sugar craving is as simple as walking away. Walk away from the kitchen, walk away from your desk, walk away to anywhere that will take your mind off of the food you are craving. Fresh air and a change of scenery often do the trick!
    • Chew gum or lick a lollipop: Many of us eat out of boredom. If you are in the mood to chew on something, consider popping a piece of gum, which has been shown to reduce food cravings. If you can’t get a sugar craving off your mind, give in with an organic lollipop. You can find these at almost any store. They are made with all-natural ingredients and only cost you about 22 calories! And by giving in a little bit, you won’t feel like you’ve denied yourself of anything and avoid the risk of going on a sugar binge later.
    • Consider quality over quantity: If you find your sugar craving too tempting to resist, pick a quality sweet, like a dark chocolate truffle, that will calm your craving in just a few bites. By picking a sweet that satisfies, you’ll save yourself from eating half a bag of waxy chocolate that never quite fulfills the craving.

    When a sweet craving strikes, be prepared by trying these tips. You can also avoid temptation by choosing not to purchase unhealthy, sugary sweets. Fresh fruit, trail mix, or quality chocolates are examples of when less can actually be more. You have the power to control your cravings for sweets!



  • Swimming in a Sea of Stress? Try these tips to keep you afloat


    We’ve all been there—struggling to keep our heads above water as the pressures and stress of everyday life consume us. Often we feel pulled in multiple directions, unable to focus on the task at hand as we try to resurface. According to WebMD, “Stress can affect all aspects of your life, including your emotions, behaviors, thinking ability, and physical health. No part of the body is immune.” Sometimes we’re in so deep, we don’t even recognize symptoms of stress, such as: irritability, a restless mind, avoiding activities we enjoy, trouble sleeping, clenching our jaw, forgetfulness, an inability to focus, changes in appetite, or procrastinating on the task at hand. Although people react to stress differently, these symptoms of stress can make daily living a battle. Instead of drowning in a sea of stress, try these three valuable tips to help you doggy paddle your way out of the deep end.

    Push Pause: Identify your Stress Triggers

    The staff at the Mayo Clinic recommends this step as a key to successfully handling stress. As the saying goes, defense can sometimes be the best offense. If you know what triggers you to become anxious and overwhelmed, you are better equipped to handle the situation before things spiral out of control. If you begin to feel overwhelmed or anxious, push your mental “pause button,” name the stressor, and diffuse the trigger as quickly as possible, often by changing the circumstances causing it.

    Turn the Beat Around: The Power of Positive Self-Talk

    According to the American Heart Association, “Positive self-talk helps you relieve stress and deal with the situations that cause you stress.” We are often our own worst enemy, acting as a personal roadblock that stops us from accomplishing our goals. Instead of focusing on the negative (“This always happens to me.”), press the reset button in your mind (“I won’t let this problem get me down.”). This tactic is an easy way to help you walk to the beat of a different drummer.

    Acceptance: The strength to accept the things we cannot change

    Sometimes we find ourselves mentally, physically, or emotionally going in circles. Either it’s an issue we’ve dealt with before, or it’s a situation that we can’t find our way out of. Instead of taking this as defeat, shift your mindset by accepting events you cannot control, and moving on. It truly can be that simple.

    Stress is difficult, if not impossible, for many to avoid. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be better equipped to handle it in all facets of our lives. By identifying your stress triggers, using positive self-talk, accepting situations that cannot be changed, and moving on, you’ll be better prepared to stay afloat when swimming in a sea of stress.


  • Extraordinary Eggs


    What’s so extraordinary about eggs? First off, there’s a variety of ways eggs can be prepared: boiled, scrambled, poached, and fried for example. Second, and more importantly, there are the health benefits that make the egg a truly incredible food. Eggs are all-natural and packed with 13 vital nutrients and vitamins, high quality protein, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants. The nutrients provided by eggs can aid with weight management, muscle strength, eye health, brain function, and a healthy pregnancy. Read on to find out more about the benefits of incorporating eggs into your daily diet.

    Reduced risk of cancer: A study found that women with a high intake of choline had a 24 percent reduced chance of developing breast cancer. Thirty percent of the daily-required amount of the nutrient choline can be found in the yolk of one egg.

    Healthy pregnancy: Egg yolks, providing the nutrient choline, help fetal brain development and prevent birth defects. Two eggs provide half the daily amount of choline needed for pregnant and breastfeeding women, which healthily supports babies before and after birth.

    Increased brain function: Choline also improves brain function in adults by preserving the structure of brain cell membranes, and is a necessary part of the neurotransmitter that assists in carrying messages from the brain through nerves to the muscles.

    Extend eyesight health: The yolk of an egg is also rich in lutein and zeaxanthin, two antioxidants that have been shown to prevent macular degeneration, the primary cause of age-related blindness.

    Improved weight loss efforts: In one study, obese people lost 65 percent more weight and had more energy from beginning their day with a two-egg breakfast at least five times a week. Eggs make a better choice than carb-filled muffins and bagels because they add protein to your plate, making you feel fuller longer. And at 72 calories for each large egg, it’s a great breakfast choice for anyone watching their waistline.

    Better bodies: The unique sequence of the amino acids in the protein of an egg make it easy for your body to absorb, an ideal food for repairing muscles after an intense workout. According to research, the high quality protein found in eggs may help active adults build muscle strength, and may help prevent muscle loss in middle-aged and aging adults. Eggs are also rich in vitamin D, which helps your body absorb calcium, and form and maintain strong bones.

    When you are at the grocery store or farmer’s market purchasing your next dozen of eggs, don’t forget to consider the label on the carton. While all eggs contain the essential good-for-you nutrients, ones that are enhanced with omega-3 provide more heart healthy fatty acids. Organic eggs also guarantee that the chickens that produced the eggs haven’t been fed antibiotics, harmful byproducts, or additives. Still, anyway you get your eggs you are guaranteed to receive the health benefits of this incredible food. Take advantage of this easily accessible food and see how truly extraordinary the egg is.


  • Detoxifying Foods That Will Help You Lose Weight

    Lemon water

    Your body is constantly going through a state of detox. It takes vitamins and nutrients from foods you ingest, and eliminates waste. By choosing detoxifying foods, it allows your organs to detoxify naturally, so they can operate at their maximum ability. These detoxifying foods also support your organs nutritionally so they can be most effective. Choosing detoxifying foods reduces inflammation and releases extra weight. In addition to dropping weight, choosing detoxifying foods will help eliminate other uncomfortable symptoms you may suffer from, like bloating or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Eating these detoxifying foods will help purify your insides.

    1. Green leafy and cruciferous vegetables: These contain chlorophyll, which feeds the good bacteria in your digestive system. Green leafy and cruciferous vegetables also have few calories and are packed full of essential vitamins.
    2. Cold water fish: Cold water fish has the least toxins and most amounts of good fats, like Omega-3s, and contains protein that supports the energy for your body needs to detoxify and clean the liver.
    3. Free-range, pasteurized chicken: Another healthy protein that allows your body to rid itself of the toxins, especially in the liver, is free-range, pasteurized chicken.
    4. Berries: Berries are a great way to kill cravings. They also have a lot of fiber and are rich in antioxidants. Berries have also been known to fight belly fat and boost your metabolism.
    5. Apple Cider Vinegar: This promotes the secretion of hydrochloric acid, which promotes digestion. It aids weight loss by breaking down fats so that your body can use them rather than store them.
    6. Lemon water: As an acidic fruit, lemon causes an alkalinizing effect in the body. It also improves digestion, boosts mineral absorption, and detoxifies the liver by taking compounds that are toxic and changing them to less harmful versions.
    7. Herbal Tea: Sipping herbal tea is a great way to boost energy; and herbal tea has similar benefits to caffeine without the bad effects.
    8. Unsweetened coconut milk: This is a great substitute for dairy products. It’s an amazing source of oils and healthy fats, and it tastes good.
    9. Coconut Oil: The smaller, shorter fats in coconut oil will make your skin glow, your eyes brighter, and produce healthy hair and nails.
    10. Protein powder: Whey protein provides protein for your liver to function properly, especially for those people who don’t eat meat.

    The first step in a detox plan is to achieve intestinal health, which allows your body to do everything it’s supposed to. To do this, it’s important to eliminate foods that do not promote the production of good bacteria in your body. Begin by eliminating the most unnatural foods, such as anything processed, soda, alcohol, and creamed vegetables. By eliminating these unnatural foods that make your body hold onto weight, you’ll set the stage for your body to be able to work most efficiently and healthily to allow you to lose weight quickly and effectively. Then, by consuming these 10 detoxifying power foods, you’ll lose weight while improving your digestive health.


    All Natural Detox Solutions LLC is a large distributor of unique natural supplement products. We pride ourselves in making sure that any product we distribute has a proven record of accomplishment of safety and a high standard of efficacy. Allow All Natural Detox Solutions to help you in your journey to better health and beauty! Visit us at today.

  • Easing Symptoms with Essential Oils

    vanilla spa accessories

    Essential Oils are known for their wonderful scents, but what other benefits do these oils provide? The number of symptoms that can be addressed with the use of essential oils may surprise you. From feeling more relaxed to easing an ailment, essential oils might be the solution you are looking for to bring harmony back to your body.

    Ease neck and head pain with Clary Sage: The perfumed compounds in clary sage relax pain nerves, and soothe tight neck and scalp muscles. Blend six drops of clary sage with one ounce of olive oil, and massage onto your temples and neck to relieve pain. Relief may come in as quickly as ten minutes with this essential oil.

    Fight a cold with Pine or Eucalyptus: With strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities, pine and eucalyptus essential oils can shorten the length of a cold by initiating the healing of aggravated sinus tissues. For cold relief, begin by adding three drops of pine or eucalyptus essential oil to a pot containing two cups of hot (not boiling) water. Bend over the pot, cover your head with a towel, and inhale the trapped steam for ten minutes, two times a day, until you begin to feel the benefits.

    Better sleep with Ylang-ylang: Smelling the scent of ylang-ylang can pacify the peripheral nervous system, calming both the mind and the body to help you fall asleep within 20 minutes. To take advantage of this essential oil, add two drops of ylang-ylang to a clean kitchen or makeup sponge, and set it on your bedroom nightstand. Or if you enjoy an evening bath, add six drops of ylang-ylang essential oil to the water.

    Find Calm with Vanilla: Breathing in the fragrance of vanilla signals the brain to create a calmer, more content mind-set. One study found that this scent reduced stress in 92 percent of the participants. For on-the-go stress relief, try mixing 25 drops of vanilla essential oil with eight ounces of unscented lotion. Apply to your skin as needed to stay calm and relax your mind-set.

    Perk up your mood with Orange: Inhaling this citrusy scent can trigger mood-boosting brain receptors, giving you a hit of happiness. In fact, Italian researchers discovered that if you regularly breathe in a whiff of orange essential oil, it can reduce depressed moods by half. To keep a sunny disposition, try inhaling this scent every two to three hours during the day.

    Improve concentration with Rosemary: If you have trouble keeping track of everything on your to-do list, take a break and breathe in pure rosemary essential oil. It can clear the fog in your brain by raising your alertness, focus and mental power within five minutes. This benefit can last up to 60 minutes.

    Fight Acne with Tea Tree Oil or Roman Chamomile: For a powerful way to banish blemishes, blend antibacterial tea tree oil with aloe vera gel. For a sensitive or delicate skin, anti-inflammatory Roman chamomile is a gentler way to treat inflamed, acne-prone skin. Mix Roman chamomile with coconut oil for a natural way to sooth eczema.

    Find Allergy Relief with Lavender: Lavender essential oil is a natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory. Add one drop to your cheeks, forehead and sinuses as needed, or apply several drops to the soles of your feet before bed. Lavender also helps relax your body to reduce stress.

    If you have one of these ailments, try an essential oil to feel one hundred percent better. Choose from the bouquet of oils to address and ease your symptoms in a naturally pleasing way. An allergic reaction to pure essential oils is rare, however if you have sensitive skin or allergies, it’s best to consult your doctor first before trying essential oils.

    First for Women

  • Feel Better Naturally with Food

    Feel Better Naturally

    We know we need food to fuel our bodies, and that better food choices will help us control or maintain our weight. But beyond weight management, we don’t often think of the benefits food offers our body. Besides providing energy, food can help repair and heal our bodies from the inside. In this day and age, food as medicine may seem like an odd concept, but it’s actually one of the oldest practices. We may take for granted the role food plays in our mental and physical well-being, but a quick education on the foods that help heal and improve our moods may have you rewriting your grocery store list this week. Read on to find out ways you can feel better naturally with food.

    Combat heartburn: Adding fiber rich foods, like vegetables, whole grain bread and whole wheat pasta to your diet keeps things moving in your digestive track. Food spends less time in your stomach, which reduces the chance of it coming back up as heartburn.

    Fight colds: Tuna, halibut, and turkey all contain selenium, which is a key part to our immune system. Selenium increases the number of white blood cells, especially the ones in charge of killing bacteria and viruses, like the flu. If your body does not have enough selenium, you are more likely to experience severe flu symptoms and have a greater chance of a mild flu mutating to a worse strain.

    Boost immune system: Food that contains probiotics (good bacteria) helps keep your immune system strong, and may reduce upper respiratory infections. One study found that consuming one probiotic drink a day cut sick days by 55 percent. To take advantage of these immune boosting powers, add yogurt, kimchi, kefir, miso, tempeh, or raw-milk cheeses (like gouda or feta) to your grocery cart.

    Relieving joint and muscle pain: Fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids, like salmon and sardines, can help relieve stiff joints. Adding this to your diet can also ease morning stiffness, and is particularly beneficial to those with rheumatoid arthritis.

    Anti-inflammatory: Cherry juice is quickly becoming the post work-out drink of choice. The rise in popularity is due to the anti-inflammatory abilities of this tart drink which diminishes post-workout soreness.

    • Beat allergies: Almonds, peanuts and sunflower seeds are full of vitamin E, which may fight allergy symptoms like sneezing and itchy eyes, according to some studies. One study found that people who had diets high in vitamin E had a lower risk of hay fever.

    Battle a UTI: For many, this is a reoccurring problem. Next time you feel that uncomfortable twinge, try drinking parsley tea (made by steeping a bunch of fresh parsley in boiling water for ten minutes) or cranberry juice. The parsley tea has antibacterial powers that fight the germs that cause UTIs, even those resistant to some antibiotics. Cranberry juice contains a compound called proanthocyanidins, which prevent bacteria from sticking to bladder cells and causing infection.

    It’s no secret that the healthier you eat, the better you’ll feel. But if you find yourself battling the same symptoms over and over, consider adapting your diet to include more of these foods that will help you feel better naturally.


  • The Rules of Clean Eating

    Beautiful woman with glass of waterWith spring right around the corner, consider cleaning not just your house, but your diet too. Clean eating is a relatively new term, but the principles are not. In a nutshell, clean eating focuses on eating whole, healthy, unprocessed foods which boosts energy and improves your health. It’s not about a diet, but a lifestyle, that will impact you on every level, helping you get the most out of your life. Interested in learning more? Read on to find out the basic rules of clean eating, so you can start incorporating them into your daily life, and experience the benefits today.

    1. Eliminate or minimize processed foods: Anything in a box, bag, can, or package, is considered a processed food. Instead, try to eat fresh foods that are whole and natural.

    2. Select unrefined foods: When possible, stay away from refined foods by eating whole grains like brown rice and quinoa. Beans and legumes are also good options for unrefined foods, and honey, natural maple syrup, and dehydrated sugar cane juice are clean sugars that can be incorporated into this diet.

    3. Three to remember at each meal—protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats: If you stop to think about what you consumed at breakfast, there’s a good chance it didn’t contain any protein. As we eat throughout the day, our protein intake usually increases with the later meals. Since protein has many benefits, like building muscle and making you feel full longer, it’s important to include at every meal. By making a plan to eat protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats at every meal, we’ll make better choices of what to include on our grocery lists.

    4. Beware of salt, sugar, and unhealthy fats: Clean foods are naturally low in salt, sugar and fat. Removing processed foods from your kitchen will eliminate the key sources of extra calories and excessive levels of salt, sugar and fat in food you might normally eat.

    5. Eat five to six small meals: Throughout the day, you’ll still eat three main meals, but by adding two or three snacks, you’ll actually prevent yourself from overeating. And if you plan to eat this way, you will be less likely to skip meals, which lowers your energy and causes your blood sugar levels to drop.

    6. Avoid high calorie drinks: You may not realize how many calories you are guzzling down daily in your specialty coffee, soda, and energy drinks. Water is the first beverage choice for clean eaters, but other favorable options include flavored (but unsweetened) tea, low-fat milk, and sparkling water with a dash of 100% fruit juice.

    7. Daily exercise: Exercise has more benefits than keeping your waistline trim and your muscles firm. Daily physical activity helps keep your heart, lungs, and bones healthy and strong, and it also is a great way to relieve stress.

    After reading this list of clean eating rules, you’ve probably come across a few that you’ve already considered incorporating into your daily life. Spring is a season full of transformations; why wait any longer to transform the way you eat? Become a clean eater, one rule, one change, at a time.


  • Say Goodbye to Cellulite

    Elastic buttocksMost of us refrain from looking at our backsides in the mirror. Why? It’s because we are afraid of glimpsing a sight of the dreaded lumpy skin, better known as cellulite. One day it just seems to appear, and from then on we are concerned with the way our legs look in shorts, skirts and bathing suits. Is there a way to solve our cellulite problems, or are we facing dimply thighs, hips, buttocks, and stomach for the rest of our lives? Fortunately, new discoveries are being made every day about food, exercises and products that fight cellulite. Find out what you can do today to say “so long” to cellulite, just in time for spring weather.

    Foods that Fight Cellulite

    Eating a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and fiber is key to eliminating cellulite. Some specific foods to consider adding to your diet include flaxseed, dark berries, apple cider vinegar, and salmon.

    • Flaxseed and dark berries (like blackberries and blueberries) increase collagen growth, which strengthens the skin and lessen the appearance of cellulite.

    • Apple cider vinegar, easily added to salad dressings and juice, eliminates toxins in your body and reduces water retention in your thighs and stomach, ultimately decreasing bloating and cellulite.

    • Salmon is rich in antioxidants, which breaks down fat cells in cellulite and can restore and improve skin tissue and fibers.

    Avoid too much sugar, which gets deposited in fat cells and makes them expand. Controlling salt intake is also important because sodium causes fluid retention, which can make cellulite look even worse.

    Exercises that Fight Cellulite

    Both aerobic exercise and strength training play an important role in the fight against cellulite. For aerobic exercise, try high intensity interval training while walking, stair climbing, or cycling. Strength training that targets your lower body can improve the tone of muscle tissue, making your legs and butt look smoother. Specific moves to try include lunges, deadlifts, and standing calf raises. And don’t forget to stretch—it can boost strength training results by 20 percent.

    Products that Fight Cellulite

    In an attempt to defeat cellulite, people have started to explore a variety of products that might diminish the lumpy skin. From lotions to lasers, the market is being flooded with new products to try every day. Two to explore are the Ultra Contour Cellulite Slimming Gel and Body Wraps by Bella Vi. The Ultra Contour Cellulite Slimming Gel has been scientifically formulated with natural and organic ingredients to reduce cellulite, and tighten and tone the appearance of skin. Its powerful blend of active, botanical ingredients can also help shrink fat cells and prevent new fat cells from developing. Body Wraps by Bella Vi are the ultimate in body wrap formulas, and have the same European formula used by salons and spas all over the world. The body wrap will contour, slim and detoxify your body at a fraction of the salon and spa cost. Lose inches and cellulite in the comfort of your own home!
    Healthy eating and exercise are the best cellulite treatments that are immediately at your disposal. Losing weight and strengthening muscles in your thighs, hips, buttocks and stomach can improve the appearance of unsightly skin. But more research is being done every day on new products that aid in this fight against cellulite. As warmer weather approaches, you may want to consider trying a gel or wrap to improve skin results. The combination of a healthy diet, a fat blasting fitness plan, and new products, like gels and wraps, may be the right trio to say goodbye to cellulite for good.


    All Natural Detox Solutions LLC is a large distributor of unique natural bella vi products. We pride ourselves in making sure that any product we distribute has a proven record of accomplishment of safety and a high standard of efficacy. Allow All Natural Detox Solutions to help you in your journey to better health and beauty! Visit us at today.

  • Hydrating Before and After a Workout

    smiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juicesmiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juicesmiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juicesmiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juicesmiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juiceOur bodies are comprised mostly of water, so staying hydrated is essential to our health. Proper hydration allows our muscles and nervous system to function correctly. Drinking fluids helps our bodies eliminate waste through urine, control our heart rate, body temperature and blood pressure, and keep a healthy metabolism. Without enough fluid intake, our bodies begin to shut down. The exact amount of water our bodies require depends upon the individual and their amount of physical activity. If you are taking in enough water, from drinks or food, you should find it necessary to urinate at least every 2 to 4 hours, and your urine should be light in color. If you workout, you need more to stay hydrated. People who exercise lose a lot of water through sweating and breathing, but your body often hides the signals of dehydration. Cramping and headaches are known signs of dehydration, but those are actually late signs. You may not feel thirsty during the middle of a run or bike ride, because exercise stifles the thirst mechanism, but your body may desperately need water. Dehydration during a workout can impair your physical capabilities, as well as your mental clarity. Knowing how important it is to stay hydrated, it makes sense to find out the best drinks for before and after a workout.  Everyone knows that water is the best choice for rehydrating your body, and sports drinks are good after an extremely long or intense workout, but here are some additional drink choices to hydrate and repair your body.

    Best Drinks Before and After a Workout

    smiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juiceCoffee: A cup or two of coffee can increase endurance, energize your workout, and alleviate post-workout soreness. To get the most out of your workout with this fluid, drink some about an hour before your workout. The caffeine in coffee prevents pain signals from your muscles to the brain, allowing you to work out harder and longer.

    smiling young girl holds a glass of pomegranate  juiceCherry Juice: The antioxidants in cherries can lessen swelling and inflammation after a workout. One study suggests that regularly drinking cherry juice before and after a workout leads to faster muscle recovery.

    Beer: Say what?!? Researchers in Spain found out that beer can hydrate a body faster than water or sports drinks. Similar to chocolate milk, beer’s combination of carbohydrates and protein assist the body in faster recovery and rehydration. It can also ease post-workout aches and pains.

    Chocolate Milk: Chocolate milk, like beer, has the perfect amount of carbs and protein to restore tired muscles. Also, the amount of sugar and sodium in milk is just enough to raise insulin levels for the body to retain water and get back your energy.

    Although these four drinks might seem unusual for pre-or-post workout, they might be the right choice for you. What’s not the right choice is energy drinks. Although the caffeine in energy drinks act as a stimulant, they are full of sugar. This inadequate balance of caffeine and sugar do not aid in rehydration, nor do they increase your workout energy and stamina. For daily hydration, continue to drink your water. For quick rehydration after an intense workout, a sports drink continues to be a solid option.  When it comes to day-to-day workouts, consider something you might already enjoy, like coffee or beer.  Want to feel like you’re indulging? Cherry juice or chocolate milk might be right for you.  Whichever you choose, just remember that staying hydrated is the goal.




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  • How to Control Late Night Cravings

    young woman watching TV

    During the day we try to be conscious about making good snack and meal choices but when late night cravings strike, it can be hard to beat the midnight munchies. If you are guilty of succumbing to late night snacks, be mindful of the clock and know that the sight, smell, taste, or even the thought of favorite foods can bring about intense cravings. To help you survive those odd times you want to indulge, try these strategies to control your late night cravings.

    • Control hunger all day. The first step to controlling hunger all day is to start with a healthy breakfast, within 90 minutes of waking. Then make an effort to eat every five hours. This will keep your blood sugar levels steady, which will ward off the rumblings for a late night snack.
    • Consume a fiber rich dinner. To increase your evening meal fiber intake, begin your dinner with a hearty vegetable soup or a large tossed salad. The two types of fiber in the vegetables have double the benefits. Soluble fiber keeps your blood sugars stable, and insoluble fiber keeps you feeling fuller, lessening the urge to snack at night.
    • Dine later for dinner. If you usually eat at 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening, consider pushing back your dinnertime one hour. This will leave you less time to snack at night before going to bed, lowering the chances of indulging in midnight temptations.
    • Keep unhealthy snacks out of your house. If you bring snacks into your home that you can’t resist, your willpower and determination won’t stand a chance, no matter what time of day it is! If a favorite treat is in the house, it’s going to get eaten. Solve this problem by not buying the items that trigger unhealthy late night eating. If it’s not in your house, you can’t eat it!
    • Pre-plan your meals and snacks. By creating a meal plan, you’ll often crave what you are planning to eat. If you plan healthy meals and snacks, you’re more likely to desire the healthy foods you’ve planned for.
    • Stretch your evening snack. If you have a habit of late night snacking, consider swapping your current munchies for a healthier alternative that will last longer. If you find comfort in a bag of chips, try several cups of air-popped popcorn. Craving something sweet? Try a frozen fudge Popsicle, or yogurt and fruit.
    • Keep yourself busy. Most people eat at odd times out of boredom. Try to eliminate this downtime by keeping your hands busy with a hobby like knitting or drawing, or simply spend time catching up on your emails or playing a game on your phone.


    The key to controlling late night cravings is by being prepared with these strategies. Start your day off right with breakfast, eat several small meals or snacks a day, and increase your fiber intake at dinner. Create a meal plan and don’t bring snacks you can’t resist into your house. If you find yourself unprepared and facing the midnight munchies, try popping a piece of gum, drinking some hot tea or a glass of water, or brushing your teeth to make it through the night. Once you’ve made it to morning, you’ve beaten the craving. Wake up with a better plan for the day by using these strategies to control your cravings.



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