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ANDS Distributor | Distributor | Weight Loss Supplements Supplier
ANDS Distributor | Distributor | Weight Loss Supplements Supplier

All Natural Detox Solutions LLC is a large distributor of unique natural supplement products. We pride ourselves in making sure that any product we distribute has a proven record of accomplishment of safety and a high standard of efficacy.

We have some of the most knowledgeable and experienced customer service people that will help you find the supplement that will best meet your needs.

At All Natural Detox Solutions LLC Supplements, we are committed to providing you with a combination of superior quality products and great customer service. We are also committed to building relationships and working together, which is a great recipe for success

About Our Founder

Lakehsia Whitley is the founder of All Natural Detox Solutions. In early 2011, she weighed 192 pounds, more than she had ever weighed before. By December of 2011, Lakehsia slimmed down to 135 pounds and has successfully maintained her weight since then. She is eager to share with others her own personal struggles. Lakehsia’s goal is to help others with their weight loss by training and teaching about portion control and making healthy food choices. These are all things she learned from using the Bella Vi/ Central Body Health Products.
A personal note from Lakehsia

I have struggled with my weight most of my life, and for those of you who know me, you can attest to that. For many years, I tried diet after diet with the hope of losing the extra pounds that weighed on me both physically and mentally. I simply was not comfortable in my own skin. I was tired, frustrated, and felt defeated.

In the summer of 2011, that changed for me. I needed to feel better and the place to start was to pay attention to my body. After extensive research and a lot of determination, I found a product that seemed to have been worth a shot; a product that provided a safe and natural way to lose weight. Testimonials from others who tried the product convinced me that I should try, and I did. I began with Bella Vi Insane Amp’d. Still somewhat doubtful and skeptical, I really had nothing to lose.

My Journey began.

After five short months and trying all of our other products, I lost several pounds! I was elated! Friends and family were curious and would often ask how I did it. With great confidence in the product, my explanation began to blossom. It was at that time when I decided to help others with their weight struggle and offer them a gift of better health and beauty.

On Christmas Eve of 2011, I gave myself the best Christmas present ever. I was proud to announce to my family and friends that I had lost a whopping 55 pounds, was four pants sizes smaller and a reduction of 18 inches accumulative over my body!

When you lose a significant amount of weight, no matter how much you may have loved yourself in the size before, it improves so many other areas in your life, primarily your health. Being able to breathe easier, take longer walks, do the things you couldn’t do because of lack of energy, can make all the difference in every action you take in life. You live life with more purpose, more determination, and more confidence. You begin to believe in yourself like never before.

My overall vision is to change the lives of both men and women everywhere offering the chance to be healthy and confident in the most safe and encouraging ways possible. I want to continue to give and allow others the full body transformation that I experienced in an effort to change someone’s life forever.

So give it a shot, just as I did in 2011. Allow All Natural Detox Solutions to help you in your journey to better health and beauty!”